15 November 2019
Finnish Salibandyliiga

FINNISH UPSET: SB-Pro beats Classic in final minutes and are now Finnish champions!

Classic was the big favorite going into the Finnish women finals but it was contender SB-Pro who won the Finnish Championship with a powerplay goal just minutes before time. The game ended 3-2!

Classic and SB-Pro started as an equal game. The teams were evenly matched although it seemed Classic thought it would have been an easier game as the team took a time-out already during this period. Both goalkeepers, Tiltu Siltanen (SB-Pro) and Anna-Maria Linnoinen (Classic) kept their goal clean.

The game exploded in the second period. Classic quickly took a 2-0 lead thanks to two goals by Ella Alanko. However, in just 2 minutes time SB-Pro was able to come back through 2 goals by Jenni Torkki.

It would become a tight and chaotic final period. Classic tried its best to force a goal but SB-Pro’s low defense was incredibly efficient. At the end, the game could go either way but it was Classic’s Jenna Ruokostenpohja’s 2-minute penalty that would prove fatal as SB-Pro scored the 3-2 in powerplay.

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