WFC 2018

Finland to quarterfinals after easy victory against Norway

Image: IFF

Finland has won its second game in a row and became runner-up in Group B, enough to reach the quarterfinals of the WFC Prague. Norway gets beaten SCORE and moves on to the quarterfinals, the longer route to a potential spot in the QF’s.

The reigning champion was clearly a size too big today for Norway. At 4.00, Sami Johansson opened the score and Joonas Pylsy and Jussi Piha increased the lead. Norway had to wait a long time for its first goal, as only in the third period Patrick Hjemgard found the net for his team. In between, Ville Lastikka and again Pylsy and Johansson had scored, so after Hjemgard’s goal, the score was 1-6.

The 4.188 spectators saw Finland increase the score even more at the end of the game with goals from Lauri Kapanen, Miko Kailiala and Piha again. With this 1-9 victory, Finland has secured a spot in the quarterfinals. Norway will meet Australia in the playoffs.

Goals in time order:

0 – 104.0077. Sami Johansson9. Eemeli SalinFIN M
0 – 207.3319. Joonas Pylsy29. Mika KohonenFIN M
0 – 314.1016. Jussi Piha36. Ville LastikkaFIN M
0 – 432.2336. Ville Lastikka29. Mika KohonenFIN M
0 – 542.0419. Joonas Pylsy36. Ville LastikkaFIN M
0 – 643.3877. Sami Johansson9. Eemeli SalinFIN M
1 – 647.1423. Patrick Hjemgard9. Henrik FredriksenNOR M
1 – 754.4418. Lauri Kapanen87. Miko KailialaFIN M
1 – 8 pp.56.5287. Miko Kailiala22. Jani KukkolaFIN M
1 – 958.4216. Jussi Piha19. Joonas PylsyFIN M


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