Finland outclasses Sweden for second time and wins GOLD

Just like in their battle in the group stage Finland outclassed Sweden in the WFC finals. The team quickly took a 3-0 lead in the first period and didn’t give it up. With the 7-4 end result Finland can call themselves U19 champions for the next 2 years.

When the teams met this Thursday it was Finland to completely outclass Sweden winning with 14-7. Would today be the same? Things certainly seemed to go that way looking at the first period. In the first couple of minutes the both teams fought an equal battle. Finland took the lead after 3 minutes with a goal from Eetu Sorvali after great combination play. The lead was further increased by Justus Kainulainen with probably the most beautiful goal of the tournament and a beautiful powerplay goal by Eero Jalo.

Finland continued its dominance in the second period. It was Justus Kainulainen to present himself for the second time when he was assisted behind the goal. The goal looked easy and made Swedish defense look like fools. Two minutes into the second period Sweden opted for a time-out. Only one minute later the home audience welcomed Sweden’s first goal when Kasper Broby’s devastating hit swept past Finnish goalkeeper Riku Saarentola. This gave the team some energy and they took control of the game. This lasted only for a couple of minutes. Finland’s dominance could not be stopped for long. Just when things seemed to swing Sweden’s way Finland scored the 5-1. However, two simultaneous 2-minute penalties for Sweden gave the perfect opportunity for a comeback. The 5-2 was scored moments after with a shot from the side but was the ball in? The referees said yes and the game continued 5 vs 4. Finland was spared from further harm and the game continued in normal 5 vs 5 play. A stupid and unnecessary move by Eero Jalo (continuing play after the referees whistle off) gave Sweden another 2-minute powerplay. It was a costly action by the young individual and eventually gave another point to Sweden when Michael Jansson’s individual action concluded in a goal for Sweden.

When play resumed it was Finland to receive an enormous chance  with a powerplay after 3 minutes played. With three goals in three periods Justus Kainulainen scored his hattrick when his slapshot was too much for Swedish goalkeeper Andreas Blom. Sweden tried for the next couple of minutes but couldn’t find the finesse needed to come to a goal. The many shots that were fired on the Finnish goal were all easy targets for the Finnish goalkeeper. 4 minutes before time Kasper Broby scored his second goal of the night placing the important 4-6 on the score board.  Sweden kept pushing and took over the play. Sweden started its 6 vs 5 at the 18-minute mark. Ironically, they found themselves in the same position Finland was facing Switzerland in yesterday’s finals. However, this time there were no surprises. When Finland scored its 7-4 goal with 10 seconds left they celebrated as if they had won it already. The goalscorer? Who other than Justus Kainulainen.


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