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Finland is the first finalist of the WFC2017 at the cost of Switzerland

In thrilling semifinals defined by defense, it was the Finns that were just a bit stronger than their Swiss opponents who defended fiercely but just fell short. That means Finland will play the finals of the WFC tomorrow!

In the first period Finland was slightly stronger in offense but met their equal in Switzerland defensively. There were not many shots on either side which made it a very tight first period although Finland created a bit more and better chances for themselves than Switzerland.

The second period continued in the same style as the first. Chances were scarce for either team although it was Finland to have most of them but it seemed as if Switzerland played a perfect defensive game obviously having studied Finnish attacks extensively. Switzerland, on the other hand, created their chances through counters but Finland was successful in stopping them – although the Swiss came close on multiple occasions. Finland could finally celebrate their opening goal when My Kippilä’s far-away shot went right under Swiss goalkeeper Lara Heini – who played a fantastic game.

At the start of the period, the Swiss pressed higher but eventually this lead to Finland’s second goal when Nina Rantala found the space to fire her shot from the side. Switzerland survived a powerplay and had the chance to draw closer to Finland with a powerplay for themselves. To the relief of the many Swiss supporters, cowbells and horns included, the team managed to score the 2-1 in the powerplay and the game was approaching a very thrilling finale as there was still 5 minutes left on the clock. When the team was unable to score a time-out was called 2 minutes before the end. A 6 vs 5 was played but a hands ball meant the team had to play shorthanded. When My Kippilä scored a penalty shot 14 seconds before time. Today, there was no room for a miracle and the Finns could celebrate their ticket to the finals!

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