Finland and Switzerland made it to the semifinals (Recap Day 7)

The WFC has been going one for a week now. Today’s four games were about the 9th-12th place and reaching the semifinals.

Estonia and the USA started off the day with a thrilling game, in which the goal difference never got bigger than one. In overtime, the Estonians scored their well-deserved winning goal. In their first WFC since a long time, the team finished at 11th place. Denmark and Germany played for 9th spot in the game after. In a close game, Denmark turned out to be just too strong for the Germans: 4-3.

In what definitely was the best game at the WFC so far, Slovakia couldn’t keep up with Finland, despite a fantastic start. In the end, the Finns set a decent score (6-2) and moved on to the semifinals. In their next game, Switzerland will be their opponent as they beat Norway.

All games
Estonia – USA 8-7 (overtime) [report / highlights]
Denmark – Germany 4-3 [report / highlights]
Finland – Slovakia 6-2 [report / highlights]
Switzerland – Norway 10-1 [report / highlights]

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