WFC 2018

Final ranking Group D (including next games)

Image: IFF

After all games in Group D have been played, we can have a look at the final ranking and all team’s next paths.

1. Slovakia
Three victories, 45 goals scored and only six against. Slovakia did a great job, but now they’ll face a tougher opponent: Latvia, the fourth-ranked team of Group A.

2. Canada
The team needed a victory in its last game, against Japan, AND score at least nine times. Guess what? They made it (2-14) and ended up as runner-up in this group, now facing the third-ranked team of Group A: Germany.

3. Singapore
Thailand (#4 of Group C) will be Singapore’s next opponent, fighting for the 13-16th spots.

4. Japan
Japan meets Poland (#3 of Group C) in its hunt for 13-16th spots.

GROUP D – Standings



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