WFC 2018

Final ranking Group A (including next games)

Image: IFF

After all games in Group A have been played, we can have a look at the final ranking and all team’s next paths.

1. Czech Republic
The surprising winner of this group, home team Czech Republic, moves on to the quarterfinals, in which they’ll meet the winner of Denmark-Estonia.

2. Switzerland
The Swiss, too, have reached the quarterfinals. They’ll face the winner between Norway-Australia on Thursday.

3. Germany
Thanks to the Czechs winning their game against Switzerland, Germany moved up to third place in Group A and now faces Canada in the playoffs. Winning this game leads them to the quarterfinals, in which Finland will be their opponent.

4. Latvia
Latvia has gotten last in this group, which puts them against a strong enemy on Wednesday: Slovakia. If they win this playoff game, they move on to the quarterfinals and meet Sweden.

GROUP A – Standings

1.Czech Republic320119-134


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