FC Helsingborg broke Höllviken’s winning streak in the third and final Skåne-derby 17/18


The third derby in Skåne opened with two familiar teams under completely opposite circumstances. Helsingborg lost their two latest games and not just with unfortunate margins; 19 goals behind Edling whereas Höllviken’s two latest endeavours resulted in six points through 21 goals forward. Helsingborg on the other hand walked away with three points after the first derby and Höllviken “only” won the second derby in overtime. Tonight’s game was evidently filled with prestige which led to overly safe and strategic play, right up Helsingborg’s alley. 

Helsingborg went slightly off script when Lidholm scored the evening’s first goal through a rebound after a cluster of cuddles and wrestling around Höllviken’s goal. The latter equalised towards the end of the first period through a strategic freehit, nudged by Persson and fired by Wilhelmsson. The hosts pulled away to 3-2 in the second period and the recipe’s not harder than a bit of diversity in goalscorers, as opposed to Höllviken’s second reply through Wilhelmsson yet another time.

The famous (or notorious depending on which side you’re on) diversity that’s been ever so increasing since losing some of their top scorers eventually started to get creative in the third after Nilsson’s 4-2 goal two minutes in. A hill emerged on Höllviken’s horizon as FCH increased their lead to 6-2 but Höllviken started climbing nonetheless and this time through Karlsson and Andersson. Höllviken got a sliver of hope if anything when Andersson reduced Helsingborg’s lead to 6-5 with half a minute left but Azelius got the last word when he sent 7-5 off into Höllviken’s open goal.

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