Finnish Salibandyliiga

FBC Kalmarsund replies: “An agreement was never really close in this case.”

Photo: Salibandyliiga

The soap about the failed negotiations between Peter Kotilainen and FBC Kalmarsund took a turn when Peter Kotilainen made a statement on Instagram at the end of last week. Now Per Viberg, Kalmarsund’s club chef, made a statement to FloorballToday regarding the incident:

“There is not much to say. No big deal. There was a contract proposal in an early position. After not having received a response of ten days, our interest was reduced. When the agent contacted again, we gave a new suggestion that was not interesting to Peter. An agreement is not finalized until two parties are agreed and both parties have signed. An agreement was never really close in this case. We wish Peter good luck with his career.”


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