Swedish Superligan

Falun’s dream start secures win against Storvreta

Photo: Per Wiklund

Despite an incredible 3-6 to 5-6 comeback, Storvreta was unable to win against a strong Falun. The home team played an incredibly strong period and was able to ride it out in the final two periods. The game ended 6-3.

The game looked like a game of MMA rather than a typical game of floorball as both teams leaped at each other from the first whistle onward. In the first ten minutes, there weren’t many chances as the eager players tried everything to disrupt their opponent. It wasn’t a pleasant first period but as the game progressed, the chances grew. 17-year old Malte Lundmark found a pass from behind the goal to Johan Fernqvist who opened the goal for Falun (watch the goal here!). Just minutes later the score was doubled and in the moments that followed Storvreta seemed to be taken off-guard which allowed a relatively easy 3-0 by Galante Carlström. Storvreta really needed a goal – even it was only for morale and a couple of minutes later they received it. This stopped the momentum of Falun. This was only temporarily, however, as the 4-1 was scored just minutes later – a counter by Omar Aldeeb resulted in a shot that didn’t look entirely unstoppable.

In the second period, Storvreta started really well. Within minutes the guests scored twice reducing all the hard work of Falun to one point in goal difference. With a 4-3 score on the clock the game cooled down and this continued well into the second period. It was Falun, however, to score an important 5-3 goal.

In the first ten minutes of the final period, Storvreta took command and created a couple of good opportunities to reduce the score. However, in the end, it was a solo performance of Johan Samuelsson, Sweden’s national team captain, who scored from his own rebound to put 6-3 on the board. Forced to pull the goalkeeper for a 6 vs 5 play already in the 17th minute, Storvreta managed to score the 6-4 with two minutes left bringing a grain of hope back to the Storvreta fans. This turned into a realistic chance for a comeback just half a minute later when Storvreta played around Falun’s defense for the second time bringing back the score to 6-5! However, the team was unable to score any more goals and Falun secured the win.

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