Falun wins extremely physical match against Storvreta in overtime

There was no clear winner in floorball’s El Clásico. Although Storvreta had the lion share of chances, they only awarded themselves with 1 point. Falun had the better deal and saw themselves going home with 1 point from regular time and one extra from winning overtime. The match ended 3-4 after Omar Aldeeb scored the final goal. 

The chaotic first period could have gone either way but it was, in the end, Falun that saw themselves leading with 2-0. After ten minutes, ridden with individual mistakes caused by extreme physical play, Simon Berg opened the score. His pass went wrong but was a gift in disguise as it gave him the perfect backhand opportunity by fooling Storvreta’s Jesper Berggren to the wrong side. Falun’s lead was doubled not much later when a counter for once didn’t end up in the opponent’s stick but found the right cross through Ciya Hayo’s stick.

Storvreta’s comeback came in the second period and it was Storvreta’s second line that stood behind the two goals. The recently transferred Tobias Gustafsson, who played center today, signed the first goal to his name after ‘his’ forwards Jimmie Petterson and Henrik Stenberg successfully pressured Falun defense and could deliver the ball to him in the slot. The equalizer fell a couple of minutes before the period’s end when two quick passes from Tobias Gustafsson in the corner to Henrik Stenberg to Jimmie Petterson who netted the almost empty goal with a precise backhand lift.

The third period had a Storvreta flavour. It was the home team that had most of the chances but the period ended surprisingly in 3-3. Storvreta opened the score when Albin Sjögren found a great pass to Niklas Winroth in the slot. Falun’s equalizer fell shortly after and was Simon Berg’s second goal – this time a long distance shot. Storvreta created many more chances than Falun in this period but couldn’t prevent the game going into overtime.

Overtime started with a couple of small chances for Storvreta. Almost out of nowhere fell Falun’s winning goal when Johannes Larsson had a shot on goal – which was skillfully deflected behind Viktor Klintsten by Omar Aldeeb.




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