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Falun star Omar Aldeeb misses Swedish national team debut

Photo: Per Wiklund

No national team debut for Falun’s rising star Omar Aldeeb. Sadly, the talent has to cancel his WFCQ plans due to an injury.

Omar Aldeeb was one of the three rookies of the Swedish line-up for the WFCQ2018. However, a couple of days before the start of the qualifiers, the Falun player has to pass on his national team debut.

To Innebandymagazinet Omar states the injury is not too serious: “I have a small injury and I had it for a while so I chose to rest so it doesn’t get worse. It’s really stupid. I worked hard and I was looking forward to it from the moment I was selected, and then this came out of nowhere. It’s obviously very hard.”

Answering the question if he will play for Sweden in the future: “Yeah, but it’s clear. I have to perform here at home, let’s see if it will work out”.

Sources tell InnebandyMagazinet that Omar’s replacement will be Linköping’s Gustav Fritzell.

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Source: InnebandyMagazinet


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