Estonia: “Our strength is experience!” (Team Introduction)

Less than a week until the WFC 2016 starts. FloorballToday will show you all you need to know about the participating teams – with this time’s subject: Estonia!

What has been your path towards the WFC?
Estonia succeeded in reaching the WFC exactly as planned: they took important victories in the qualification and became second in their group. The team was able to win the decisive game against Denmark, in front of their home crowd in Tallinn.

What is your team’s goal for this edition?
The main goal is to play great matches in their group (with next to Estonia Germany, Finland and Switzerland) and get enough points for the best possible placement in quarterfinals. Estonia’s second goal is to be among the eight best teams, where the team will give their best to reach their third goal: playing for the fifth place (at least).

“Younger and older players work together for the same goal.”

Which 3 players should spectators keep an eye out and why?
#90 Marek Õige – Very experienced goalkeeper who plays in the Salibandyliiga, Finland’s highest league.
#87 Tanel Kasenurm – A young sniper from the Swiss NLB, the second highest league.
#21 Patrik Markus – A very fast runner who gives all for the team. This stable player makes important passes and goals at decisive moments.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team?
“Our strength in this tournament is experience.” Estonia is an experienced team where younger and older players, who have a great chemistry, work together for the same goal. Another strength lies in their goalies. Strength – as much as a weakness at the same time – is that many of the Estonian players are playing in good leagues outside Estonia: the Swiss NLA, the Salibandyliiga and the SSL.

What group game are you looking forward to most?
“Our first game and the start of the tournament!” The team wants to be “110% ready”, giving their maximum, as this will set their path to the rest of the tournament.

What are your thoughts about floorball entering the World Games?
“It’s a great opportunity for floorball to make it to the Olympics some day. It is also a great way to spread the awareness about floorball and to show that floorball is a spectacular and a very attractive sport!”


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