Estonia makes it to final – Australia defeated after close game

The B-division semifinal between Estonia and Australia was for the majority of the game a close battle. Australia were chasing Estonia the entire game, but never managed to get in a lead. In the end Estonia could run away and win 4-7.

With 2 teams with a spot in the final to play for, any mistakes from the players could be devastating. The start of the game was a bit stiff – chances were created, but no goals scored. The first goal came after 15 minutes when Andreas Oun gave Estonia the lead. But Australia responded less than a minute later through Mitchell Brady. One final goal was scored before the period break, Lauri-Robert Indus who put Estonia in an advantageous 1-2 lead once again.

The Estonians would make things hard for their opponent in the 2nd period. 22:52 Egert Unga made it 1-3. Sten Ritson followed up 9 minutes later and extended their lead to 1-4. Things were looking bad for the Australians, but they showed great fighting spirit and countered with 2 goals on their own. Liam Perry started things off with a goal in powerplay, and with 10 seconds left of the period Tomas Gartner closed the gap to 3-4.

With only 1 goal difference and 20 minutes left, the game was still open. However it would continue just like in the previous periods – Australia could never get up in a lead. Simon Georg Mahla made no mistake in powerplay, and extended Estonia’s lead to 3-5. Liam Perry gave the Aussies some hope with his 4-5 goal – the 2nd from his stick this game. But Estonia would run away towards the end, first through Joosep Perandi and then Mathias Einamann, who scored the final 4-7 goal in an open net.

Estonia will play Germany in tomorrow’s B-division final, while Australia will fight against Germany for the bronze.

0 – 115.0613. Andreas Oun40. Simon Georg MahlaEST MU19
1 – 115.398. Mitchell Brady10. Zachary OkeAUS MU19
1 – 219.335. Lauri-Robert Indusno assistantEST MU19
1 – 322.5226. Egert Ungano assistantEST MU19
1 – 431.3923. Sten Ritson26. Egert UngaEST MU19
2 – 4 pp.36.0291. Liam Perry47. Tomas GartnerAUS MU19
3 – 439.4947. Tomas Gartner74. Daniel GartnerAUS MU19
3 – 5 pp.41.5340. Simon Georg Mahla13. Andreas OunEST MU19
4 – 545.2291. Liam Perry47. Tomas GartnerAUS MU19
4 – 657.1190. Joosep Perandi13. Andreas OunEST MU19
4 – 7 en.59.3598. Mathias Einamann90. Joosep PerandiEST MU19
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