End of Day 6: Sweden and Czech Republic to semifinals

Time goes by so fast: the sixth day at the WFC is already over. Check out all results of today’s six games.

At the bottom of the ranking, Australia and Singapore had a fight for 15th place. Despite a quick 0-2 lead for Singapore, it were the Australians that won the game. The battle for 13th place went between Japan and Thailand. The teams met before as the day before yesterday Japan beat Thailand 2-5, but today Thailand turned out to be too strong, claiming 13th place.

Denmark beat Estonia in the hunt for 9th place and Germany did the same in the game against the USA. Denmark and Germany will battle it out tomorrow, while Estonia and the USA play for 11th place. Sweden completely humiliated Latvia and crushed them with insane numbers: 21-0. In the second quarterfinal, the Czech Republic didn’t have any real problems with Poland.

All games
Australia – Singapore 4-3 [report / highlights]
Estonia – Denmark 2-4 [report / highlights]
Japan – Thailand 2-4 [report / highlights]
USA – Germany 7-10 [report / highlights]
Sweden – Latvia 21-0 [report / highlights]
Czech Republic – Poland 10-4 [report / highlights]

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