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EFT U19: Top goalkeepers (based on statistics)

Swiss goalkeeper Nils Schalin (Image: Per Wiklund)

Based on statistics, below is the top list of the goalkeepers during the U19 Euro Floorball Tour. However, one should take in mind stats like this differ a lot due to aspects like strength of the opponent’s forward lines and the strength of one’s own defense. Swiss goalie Scharmin had the highest saving rate, while the two EFT winners Lundberg and Lundgren are at second and fourth place. Here’s the full list:

Goalkeeper Statistics – Men U19 EFT
1. Gian-Andrea Scharmin (Switzerland) – 16 saves, 4 goals against (80.00%)
2. Emil Lundberg (Sweden) – 8 saves, 3 goals against (72.72%)
3. Oskar Sillanpaa (Finland) – 13 saves, 5 goals against (72.22%)
4. Kalle Lundgren (Sweden) – 16 saves, 10 goals against (61.53%)
5. Vojtech Simunek (Czech Republic) – 14 saves, 9 goals against (60.86%)
6. Nils Schalin (Switzerland) – 37 saves, 24 goals against (60.65%)
7. Nemo Sipila (Finland) – 21 saves, 14 goals against (60.00%)
8. Martin Hales (Czech Republic) – 21 saves, 15 goals against (58.33%)

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