Draw for Swiss cup tournament announced (final 16 teams)

The Swiss competition has only just started, but the cup tournament has ignited earlier already. With 16 teams left, here’s the draw for the next phase. Winners of these games will move on to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

In the men’s division, four NLB teams will compete. Some of them might face a hard time: Langenthal Aarwangen meets Alligator Malans and Basel Regio faces Wiler-Ersigen. Floorball Thurgau meets Waldkirch-St. Gallen, the club that is currently leading the NLA competition ranking. The last NLB team will be the winner of the game between Regazzi Verbano and Ad Astra Sarnen, yet to be played.

Between the NLA teams, most favorites seem to have a relatively easy draw. Tigers Langnau plays against Kloten-Dietlikon Jets, while Rychenberg has to beat UHC Thun in order to reach the quarters. Top games of this cup round will be the ones between Uster – GC Zürich and Zug United – Köniz. The games will be played on October 28.

Men’s draw
Kloten-Dietlikon Jets (NLA) – Tigers Langnau (NLA)
Unihockey Langenthal Aarwangen (NLB) – UHC Alligator Malans (NLA)
HC Rychenberg Winterthur (NLA) – UHC Thun (NLA)
Unihockey Basel Regio (NLB) – SV Wiler-Ersigen (NLA)
Floorball Thurgau (NLB) – Waldkirch-St. Gallen (NLA)
UHC Uster (NLA) – Grasshopper Club Zürich (NLA)
Regazzi Verbano UH Gordola (NLB)/Ad Astra Sarnen NLB) – Chur Unihockey (NLA)
Zug United (NLA) – Floorball Köniz (NLA)

Women’s draw
Floorball Riders DBR (NLB) – UHC Laupen ZH (NLA)
piranha chur (NLA) – UH Red Lions Frauenfeld (NLA)
Hot Chilis Rümlang-Regensdorf (NLB) – Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur (NLA)
UH Lejon Zäziwil (NLB) – Waldkirch-St.Gallen (NLB)
Wizards Bern Burgdorf (NLA) – Zug United (NLA)
Aergera Giffers (NLA) – Kloten Dietlikon-Jets (NLA)
Mendrisiotto Ligornetto (NLB) – Unihockey Basel Regio (NLB)
Skorpion Emmental Zollbrück (NLA) – Unihockey Berner Oberland (NLA)

Source: Swissunihockey
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