Denmark takes down USA in Group D final

In the final group stage game of the Group D USA battled Denmark for the top spot of Group D. What initially was a close game ended up being a big victory for the Danes 2-6, who with the victory secures the 1st place.

After half a period without a single goal from any of the team, the Americans got up in a lead through Michelle Linhart who’ve already scored 5+2 in this tournament. Denmark’s captain Cecilia Di Nardo showed great leadership and scored 2 goals to put them in an advantageous position heading into the 2nd period.

Denmark took over the game after the period break by scoring 4 straight goals, which was initiated by Laura de Fries who continued her scoring streak of the tournament when she extended the their lead to 1-3. Di Nardo completed her hat-trick when she found 1-5 with a slapshot that went past goalkeeper Anna Van Hercke. Minutes before the period was over Michelle Linhart scored her 2nd point of the game as she served Marie Haggstrom and open net with a great pass from the offensive corner.

Despite the energy boost the 2nd goal gave them, USA didn’t manage to do anything in the final period. The 2-6 scoreline from before the period break didn’t change during the final 20 minutes, meaning Denmark wins Group D.


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