WFC 2017

Denmark beats Germany in tight battle for 9th place

Image: IFF

The fight for 9th place was won by Denmark, who defeated Germany in a close game: 4-3. Cecilia Di Nardo scored a record-breaking goal and is now the single WFC top scorer ever.

Despite looking a bit tired, the Germans had a better start of the game and they rewarded themselves for it with Theresa Beppler-Alt’s opening goal. Within minutes, Denmark fought its way back into the game and scored 1-1 through Laura de Fries. Exactly one minute before the first period was over, Cecilia Di Nardo put her team in the lead and became all-time WFC top scorer. Check out her goal here.

The game went back and forth in the second period, but only one goal was scored. Randi Kleerbaum made her third goal of the tournament and put Germany next to Denmark again: 2-2.

Denmark seemed to have things under control in the last period of the game, when they scored two goals and put themselves in a 4-2 lead – but Germany decreased the Danish lead to just one when they scored 4-3 through Anne-Marie Mietz. With minutes left, Di Nardo was sent out for 2 minutes, giving Germany a good chance to equalize the score in powerplay – but they failed. Germany took its goalkeeper out, but without any luck. The game finished in 4-3, meaning Denmark ends up at 9th place, while Germany finds itself back in the ranking at 10th.

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