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DECISION: Martin Östholm misses next 2 games for Pixbo after incident

In the first minutes of the game between Pixbo Wallenstam and Höllvikens IBF, Martin Östholm knocked down an opponent using his stick. The referees didn’t see it at that time, but the incident was reported to the Legal Committee by Höllvikens IBF who made their decision. 

The decision is as follows:

“In the assessment, the LC has noted that the action is deliberated and disrespectful as Östholm tracks the opponent with his eyes before attacking him with his stick. However, the power of the strike is low and the player can participate in the game shortly afterward.

The LC believes Martin Östholm’s offense should result in a ban of two (2) games based on the law he played under during the incident. The LC notes that Östholm couldn’t participate in games during the investigation since 2 November and that this time is to be included in the period of suspension.”

This means Pixbo can’t rely on their star player in the next game on Thursday against Växjö.

Below, you can find the video from Innebandymagazinet:


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