Day 2 of the WFC: the group stage continues | U19 WFC

On the opening day of the men’s U19 World Floorball Championships, we’ve seen eight games already! Will the pace slow down? No, not at all!

The tournament is organized in Halifax, Canada, which leads to late night games for most European watchers. Just like yesterday, the games start early in the morning in Canada, which means for Europeans the schedule starts halfway in the afternoon.

The day starts at 15:00h (CET) with Norway meeting Finland and a historical clash between USA and Russia. At 18:00h, the Czechs meet Denmark while Japan faces Denmark. At 21:00h, Slovakia starts its hard task in trying to stop Sweden from beating them. In the B-division, New Zealand will try to do the same, but with Germany as the fearsome opponent. The final games of the day are the ones between Switzerland and Latvia, and Canada versus Slovenia.

Full schedule (CET)

15:00 Norway vs. Finland
15:00 USA vs. Russia
18:00 Czech Republic vs. Denmark
18:00 Japan vs. Poland
21:00 Slovakia vs. Sweden
21:00 New Zealand vs. Germany
0:00 Switzerland vs. Latvia
0:00 Canada vs. Slovenia

The games can be found on the YouTube of the International Floorball Federation and are streams on Channel 1 and Channel 2.

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