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David vs Goliath – can Linköping surprise and take down Falun? (semifinal #1 preview)

Photo: Per Wiklund

Reigning champions IBF Falun are about to take on Linköping IBK in a best-of-seven semifinal series. Here’s everything you need to know!

The games will be livestreamed on SSLPlay!

Results against each other this season
Round 13:
Lin – Fal 8-5 [Highlights]
Round 35:
Fal – Lin 7-3

In Playoffs
Last time these teams played each other in the playoffs was in 2015 – in the final! After a relatively close game, Falun came out on top 6-4 to claim their 3rd straight gold medal.

Falun’s top 3 quarterfinal scorers
1) Alexander Galante, 11p (8+3)
2) Omar Aldeeb, 8p (4+4)
3) Emil Johansson, 7p (1+6)

Falun defeated Dalen in the quarterfinal 4-0 with a 28-19 goal difference.

Linköping’s top 3 quarterfinal scorers
1) Gustav Fritzell, 10p (4+6)
2) Matej Jendrisak, 9p (5+4)
3) Oskar Hovlund, 7p (3+4)

Linköping defeated Växjö in the quarterfinal 4-1 with a 34-25 goal difference.

The entire schedule for both semifinals can be found here!

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