23 October 2019
Interviews WFC 2016

David Jansson: ”Whenever we pass someone or get up high in the court there should be a purpose to it”

In the opening game of the World Floorball Championships, Switzerland defeated Estonia 4-8. Read what head coach David Jansson has to say about the game:

You’ve just defeated Estonia in the opening game, how does it feel?
Both good and bad. I think we were relatively weak in our game with the ball. We have 8 WFC debutanters which I think plays a role today. But I think we grew into the game and our second period felt good. Otherwise I think our preparations felt good, and our special teams were good as well.

8 debutanters you said – were there any nerves ahead of the game?
Not from my side, I enjoy it now that we’re done with the preparations. Maybe there were some nerves among the debutants. I think our quality in the passes and ball possession was poor to begin with.

What do you have to work with after this game?
We need to make sure that everything we do has a purpose. I’m not a fan of floorball without a functionality. Whenever we pass someone or get up high in the court there should be a purpose to it – that’s something we can improve.

What do you take with you for the next game?
Plenty of things. The players have now done their debut and the things we’ve been working on works pretty well. I think we will be a tough surprise for many of the teams.


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