Swedish Superligan

Dalen – Team Thorengruppen – Umeå-derby continuously won by Dalen


Both Umeå-teams were chasing a win after their respective losses last round, perhaps Team Thorengruppen even more as they still haven’t won a game this season and lost two out of three games against Dalen last season. Dalen being the more experienced team were in control during the majority of the game whereas Team Thorengruppen only had the occasional breakthrough and when they did come trough, Måns Parsjö-Tegner was in the way, seeing as that’s kind of his thing.

Silly season has brought plenty of names to the surface during the first few rounds and Dalen’s Hedlund is certainly one of them. A cheeky nudge by the acquisition from Gamla Stan brought Dalen to the lead, something they would get used to during the remainder of the game. Albin Andersson, former Dalen and now Thorengruppen, equalised to 1-1 halfway through the first period, a nice showoff as he felt that he spent too much time on the bench during his time in Dalen.

As previously mentioned, Dalen got the lead again early into the second period, only to be given the chance to get the lead a third time after Team Thorengruppen’s Marius Pedersen equalised to 2-2. From one Norwegian to another, Ketil Kronberg put 3-2 in on a rebound from Rokka. Dalen’s goals started to pour in after two considerably sleepy derby-periods and despite two more goals by Team Thorengruppen, Dalen ended with 7-4 at home.

Team Thorengruppen will have to continue their hunt for a first win during this season whereas Dalen will remain in the top on nine points with FC Helsingborg. This is with one or two more games played as the rest of round five will be played tomorrow, the 11th of October.

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