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Dalen says farewell to Bodén, Scalvinoni and Suchánek

IBK Dalen yesterday announced it will start next season without the three players – Bodén, Scalvinoni and Suchánek.

As stated on their site, the trio Alexander Bodén, Nico Scalvinoni and Patrik Suchánek won’t play at IBK Dalen next season anymore. After four seasons Suchánek (Czech Republic) will start looking for a new club. He’s scored 66 points in his 123 games, a good number for a defender. This season he was the defender with the most points scored at Dalen.

Nico Scalvinoni (Switzerland) will return to his former club Grasshoppers Zürich, whose season just ended after losing the semifinal series. He’s played only one season at Dalen (26 games) in which he scored four points.

Alexander Bodén made a comeback during last season in his hunt for the national championship (as he quit last season). He’s played almost 300 games for Dalen, scoring 332 points in total. Funny thing to mention is he’s now the leading player in the penalty minutes ranking for Dalen: 158 minutes!

Alexander Bodén
Regular season: 238 matches, 294 points (124+170), 125 penalty minutes
Playoffs: 59 matches, 38 points (16+22), 33 penalty minutes
Total: 297 games, 332 points (140+192), 158 penalty minutes

Nico Scalvinoni
Regular season: 24 matches, 4 points (2+2), 6 penalty minutes
Playoffs: 2 matches, 0 points, 0 penalty minutes
Total: 26 matches, 4 points (2+2), 6 penalty minutes

Patrik Suchánek
Regular season: 108 matches, 62 points (19 goals + 43 assists), 32 penalty minutes
Playoffs: 15 matches, 4 points (1+3), 10 penalty minutes
Total: 123 matches, 66 points (20+46), 42 penalty minutes

(Source: IBK Dalen)
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