Czech Superliga

Czech Superfinal: Mlada Boleslav lost three times against Vítkovice this season

Image: Martin Flousek

On Super Saturday, among others, the Czech Superfinal will be played. Mlada Boleslav meets Vítkovice – but could never beat it yet.

At 17.00, the game will start off. Boleslav made it to the final without any problems. The team won the regular competition and didn’t lose any game in the playoff series. However, there’s one thing Boleslav might be afraid of: Vítkovice.

During the regular season, Boleslav lost four times. Two of them were the games against Vítkovice. At the beginning of the season, on October 21, the teams played an equal game. However, in the penalty series, Vítkovice took over the game and won: 6-5. On January 20th, Boleslav tried to take revenge – but failed hopelessly. At the end of the game, the score was 3-10 (!) in Vítkovice’s favor. Highlights of this game can be watched here.

In between these two games, the teams met once more – in the cup final. Both teams scored only once in regular and overtime, so again, the game saw a penalty series – and again, Vítkovice won it. Now it’s just a couple of days before we find out if it will be four in a row for Vítkovice, or whether it will be Boleslav to take the ultimate revenge. Last thing to add: the teams met each other six times before, in the semifinals of previous seasons, and Vítkovice has won all of these series… Live streams will be provided later this week!

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