WFC 2018

Czech Republic resurrected: the team beats Switzerland and wins Group A

Image: IFF

Group A in the WFC has been full of surprises. The Czech Republic lost against Latvia but saw Germany beat the Latvians too, giving the home team new hopes. In tonight’s final game of the group phase, the Czechs beat Switzerland and have now even won Group A.

The first period directly meant firework as both teams tried to take the initiative. The Swiss succeeded most in this, but the Czechs once again showed to be strong in counterattacks. The score was opened by Switzerland, but two quick Czech goals (2-1) made the audience go wild. Paolo Riedi equalized the score, but within a minute, the Czech Republic was back in the lead through a goal from Adam Delong (3-1).

No goals were scored in the second period, but the tension during the game made up for it completely. The final period started off with a quick equalizer by Jan Zaugg. Too bad for Switzerland, the Czech’s were about to start their five minutes of magic. Marek Benes, Matej Jendrisak and Adam Delong all found the net, putting their team in a big 6-3 lead. Without goalkeeper, Switzerland got back to 6-4, but no further goals were scored.

The Czech Republic has won Group A and, just like runner-up Switzerland, moves on to the quarterfinals. The Czechs meet the winner of Denmark-Estonia, while Switzerland faces the winner of Norway-Australia.

Goals in time order:

0 – 101.3825. Christoph Meier11. Manuel MaurerSUI M
1 – 108.5072. Adam Delong66. Patrik DozaCZE M
2 – 108.589. Filip Langer35. Marek BenesCZE M
2 – 209.3621. Paolo Riedi11. Manuel MaurerSUI M
3 – 210.0472. Adam Delong25. Tom OndrusekCZE M
3 – 340.3561. Jan Zaugg19. Matthias HofbauerSUI M
4 – 342.4235. Marek Benes64. Lukas VeltsmidCZE M
5 – 3 pp.45.1828. Matej Jendrisak66. Patrik DozaCZE M
6 – 347.2972. Adam Delong33. Martin PrazanCZE M
6 – 4 wg.57.5147. Kevin Berry66. Tim BraillardSUI M


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