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Czech Open 2017 starts today! All you need to know about Day 1 (teams and streams!)

Photo by Per Wiklund (Perwiklund.se)

Many call it the highlight of the pre-season: The Floorball Czech Open! This tournament features many of the world’s greatest teams. This overview focuses on the Male Elite groups. For other groups, including Women Elite and Male Pro, check out the website!).


Group A
1. SC Vítkovice (CZE)
FbŠ Bohemians (CZE)
Floorball Köniz  (SUI)
Höllviken IBF (SWE)

Group B
Florbal Chodov  (CZE)
Ostrava (CZE)
Floorball Thurgau (SUI)
IBF Falun (SWE)

Group C
Sparta Praha (CZE)
EräViikingit (FIN)
Bulldogs Brno (CZE)
Technology Florbal MB (SUI)

Group D
Panthers Otrokovice (CZE)
Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (SWE)
SV Wiler-Ersigen (SUI)
Tatran Střešovice (CZE)

Match schedule day 1 + streams
EDIT: The live streams don’t seem to be working as they are uploaded right before the start of the match. We will do our best to write a post with the live stream every time a game starts.

11:00 Höllviken IBF – Floorball Köniz
11:00 1. SC Vítkovice – FbŠ Bohemians
12:00 IBF Falun – Floorball Thurgau
12:00 Florbal Chodov – Ostrava
13:00 Technology MB – Bulldogs Brno
13:00 Sparta Praha – EräViikingit
14:00 Tatran Střešovice – SV Wiler-Ersigen
14:00 Panthers Otrokovice – Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
16:00 Floorball Köniz – 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice
16:00 FbŠ Bohemians – Höllviken
17:00 Floorball Thurgau – Florbal Chodov
17:00 Ostrava – IBF Falun
18:00 Bulldogs Brno – Sparta Praha
18:00 EräViikingit – Technology Florbal MB
19:00 Pixbo Wallenstam IBK – Tatran Střešovice
19:00 SV Wiler-Ersigen – Panthers Otrokovice

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