Close-up with Joakim Olsson: “I had a lot more confidence, mostly since …”

In our “Close-up with …” series we take the between-season period for what it can be used best for: looking back at the previous season and looking forward to the next. We asked the world’s most famous floorball players a couple of questions and we will publish the answers during the summer.

We kicked off with Mattias SamuelssonMartin Östholm and Mattias Wallgren. Today we will talk with Joakim Olsson, one of the world’s most dangerous forwards known for his speed. With quick body feints, he slips through the defense like an eel and his stamina makes him a welcome addition to any team. Joakim Olsson played in Uppsala for Storvreta for many years but made the transfer to AIK for the 2016/2017 season. Together with volley-king Andreas Stefansson and sniper Axel Larson, Joakim Olsson made up a deadly combination.  At the end of the season, the player announced his return to Uppsala but it would be Storvreta’s rival Sirius IBK to contract the player. We asked him a couple of questions.

Joakim playing for Storvreta. Photo: Jesper Mattsson

How did you experience the previous season on a personal level?
Successful, my goal was to be one of the top ten scorers in the league, but even though I didn’t reach it, I’m still content with the way the season went.

Did it meet your expectations?
No, I was hoping to reach the playoffs, which we didn’t do.

“I like explosive practices as they give me the best results!”

How was it compared to the years before?
I had a lot more confidence, mostly since I had a coach who believed in me which helped me advance as a player and a person.

Could you describe your week in the preseason? How often do you train a week in the preseason and which exercises do you do on different days?
I practice 5-6 times a week depending on the family situation. I also gym twice a week and run twice a week.

What is your favorite preseason exercise?
I like explosive practices as they give me the best results! I’m not made for heavy weights or long distances.

Could you tell us about your personal goals for the next season? Is it a certain number of goals or maybe a specific role in the team?
Score more goals than this past season and reach playoffs.

Could you tell us a bit about your experience with combining professional sport with your daily life? Is it hard to combine them? When is it tough?
Sporting on my level truly results in a puzzle trying to combine work with practice, but as I have a very good relationship with my employer I have been able to practice more, resulting in a noticeable difference on the field.

Joakim showing his new team’s colors.

What are you looking forward to most in the next season?
The matches against AIK will, of course, be a highlight.

What do you love most about floorball?
Scoring is always fun.


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