Close-up with Jimmie Petterson: “I want to play for our national team”

In our “Close-up with …” series we take the between-season period for what it can be used best for: looking back at the previous season and looking forward to the next. We asked the world’s most famous floorball players a couple of questions and we will publish the answers during the summer.

We held interviews with Mattias SamuelssonMartin ÖstholmMattias Wallgren and Joakim Olsson. Today we will talk with Jimmie Petterson, one of the best forwards in the Swedish SSL. After starting his career with Mullsjö ten years ago, the skilled forward slowly climbed towards the top. As a youngster, he played for the Swedish U19 team and made his debut in the SSL with Mullsjö in the 08/09 season. His team was moved down a league but it only took a year to bounce back towards world’s most prestigious league. For a couple of years, he played a central role in the team but he ultimately parted with Mullsjö when his transfer to Storvreta for the 15/16 season shook the floorball world. It was a big success, Storvreta won the Swedish Championships. However, a devastating transfer season followed when great players left the team with no one to replace. Against all odds, Storvreta secured the Champions Cup beating Classic in a nailbiting finale and did also well in the Swedish competition. The team qualified for the playoffs and decisively beat Dalen in the quarter-finals. However, in the next round, the team would meet current champions Falun, and the team stranded one stop before the big finals. We look back with Jimmie Petterson on the past season but also look ahead to the season to come.

Jimmie Petterson playing for his current club Storvreta. Photo: Staffan Claesson

How did you experience the previous season on a personal level?
If I only answer how my season was then I’m well pleased. I scored my best season with 63 goals in 29 matches. Then 14 to the playoffs. So I am pleased with that. But my personal goals are aligned with the team’s goals and that was winning gold, which we did not succeed with, unfortunately. So that’s how I’m less satisfied.

Did it meet your expectations?
A lot of things where new this season, we had a small player-base and a lot of injuries. Besides from that we also had more games and less time in between them, so we were thoroughly tested, which was something that we hadn’t expected. Personally, I believe that we succeeded in making the best of the season while at the same time creating a good team. Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed in reaching the play off finals, which admittedly was our goal, but we managed to prove to ourselves how strong we are, even during our lows.

“I’d say that I was lucky however who found an employer who respected my career as a floorball player and allowed me to focus on it.”

How was it compared to the years before?
Fun, of course, with more games. Unfortunately, the league was rather unstable during the world cup, which led to two games some weeks and no games others. Ergo this following season will probably be even better as there is no world cup removing three weeks of play during December. We will also hopefully be able to build a fun arena and host a few event to attract a bigger crowd next season.

Could you describe your week in the preseason? How often do you train a week in the preseason and which exercises do you do on different days?
We’ve started these first 2 weeks a little calmer with only two gym sessions weekly. Week 3 we will start practicing 4 times a week and after that 5 times a week. By then we’ll be practicing Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon. Then the coaches want us to practice twice between Friday and Sunday. The things we practice are mostly condition and our physique, plus sometimes a little floorball.

What is your favorite preseason exercise?
I like doing something called Circle Training. The basic concept is doing one machine or exercise for 20-30 seconds and then resting for 10, just to move on to the next machine. The machines are placed in a circle. I specifically like this practice because you can train both your stamina and physique.

Could you tell us about your personal goals for the next season? Is it a certain number of goals or maybe a specific role in the team?
I always want to improve all my abilities as a floorball player, but naturally, I want to score more goals than last season, which is also my job in the team, scoring goals. I also want to improve my technique with the ball and allow myself to dribble a bit more, which is something I need to improve.

Could you tell us a bit about your experience with combining professional sport with your daily life? Is it hard to combine them? When is it tough?
It is a special thing of course when one wants to combine sports with a professional job, and then trying to do your best at both. Sometimes it becomes very tough during periods when we have more games or harder practices, you know, like getting out of bed after staying up late practicing, or waking up, practicing, going to work, and then practicing again. I’d say that I was lucky however who found an employer who respected my career as a floorball player and allowed me to focus on it.

Jimmie Petterson playing for Mullsjö. Picture: Per Wiklund

What are you looking forward to most in the next season?
We are looking for revenge and possibly winning the gold medal as that is something that all clubs want to do every year. Personally, I want to play for our national team too, but even just reaching playoff would be fun.

What do you love most about floorball?
The most critical games, the ones where the audience is big and loud and everything is decided. Playing those on a home field is an amazing experience.


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