WFC 2018

Clean sheet for Falkeid as Norway run over Australia

Photo: IFF

Norway is on to the quarterfinals after defeating Australia with big numbers. Andreas Falkeid in the Norwegian net didn’t concede any of the 11 shots fired at him as the team won 10-0.

Norway got a dream start in the battle of a spot in the quarterfinals with 2 quick goals in the first 3 minutes. Zorro-specialist Ole Mossin Olesen had a good day with 2 goals and 2 assists produced.

Veteran Ketil Kronberg, however, got the MVP award. With his 3 points (2+1) he has now also surpassed Finland’s Tero Tiitu in the WFC marathon scoring league. Going into the tournament he was at the 7th place and 59 points. With his 1 assist against Denmark and the 3 points today, he’s now at 63, 2 more than the Finn.

Up next for the Norwegians is Switzerland. The game will start tomorrow at 16:30 CET.

1 – 0 og.02.12no scorerno assistantNOR
2 – 002.3725. Martin Isnes Kvisvik18. Mads Fossum NormannNOR
3 – 0 pp.06.168. Ole Martin Jansson10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR
4 – 023.538. Ole Martin Jansson10. Ole Mossin OlesenNOR
5 – 031.524. Sindre Bjerknes5. Ketil KronbergNOR
6 – 033.585. Ketil Kronberg4. Sindre BjerknesNOR
7 – 0 sh.39.3810. Ole Mossin Olesen18. Mads Fossum NormannNOR
8 – 040.4025. Martin Isnes Kvisvik18. Mads Fossum NormannNOR
9 – 047.5110. Ole Mossin Olesen8. Ole Martin JanssonNOR
10 – 052.035. Ketil Kronberg4. Sindre BjerknesNOR


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