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Classic wins Finnish title after big victory over EräViikingit: 9-6

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In Finland Classic won the championship after a 9-6 victory over EräViikingit. The team played a strong game, especially during the 5-1 won second period. 

The game only needed a couple of minutes to ignite. After 4 minutes Miro Lehtinen intercepted the ball and delivered it to Tino Salminen who scored the opening goal: 1-0 Classic. It was another 4 minutes of waiting before the crowd saw the second goal – the equalizer, as EräViikingit’s Roni Laasonen scored with a great shot (assisted by Marko Juselius). Exactly halfway the period Joonas Pylsy got the ball in front of the goal and without any hesitation he took the shot – and scored: 2-1 Classic. Again EräViikingit equalized, but now they did it within a minute: 2-2 (10:46) as Kevin Söderling scored, assisted by Janne Hyvönen. A wonderful first period was being played with four goals already, but there was more to come. Miko Kailiala – did he ever play a game without scoring? – put his team in a 2-3 lead, but in the last minute of p1 Eemeli Salin put Classic next to EräViikingit again: 3-3.

Classic got into the game even more during p2. Sami Johansson put them in a 4-3 lead and shortly after they increased the gap to 5-3 as Heikkilä scored, helped a lot by Salin’s great assist. Jani Kukkola got his team back into the game at 32:12 (5-4), but then Classic really got into a flow. Salin scored his second goal and only 8 seconds later Heikkilä did the same. Both times goalie Strandberg didn’t stand a chance. It got even worse for him and his team: Nico Salo found the top corner and made the score 8-4. No more goals were made until the second break.

EräViikingit knew what they had to do in the last period: score, and score even more. At 43:04 Miko Kailiala scored his second goal (rebound) and decreased the gap to Classic to 8-5. EräViikingit didn’t seemed to get scared as they scored their ninth goal only seconds later. The teams showed kick-and-rush floorball, which led to a penalty shot for EräViikingit. This meant 9-6, as no one else than Kailiala got the ball past goalie Lassi Toriseva. The game lost its tension as EräViikingit didn’t seem to be able to give Classic a hard time anymore. At 56:17 the team took a time-out and afterwards decided to take goalie Strandberg out, but without any results. As after 60:00 the score still was 9-6, Classic won the final and became Finnish champions!

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