Classic wins Champions Cup – Storvreta gets beaten 3-10

In a battle between the reigning champions of Sweden and Finland, Classic (Fin) crushed Storvreta and won the Champions Cup – for the first time ever – with big numbers: 3-10.

It is inevitable that a clash of two floorball superpowers comes with emotions and the audience did not have to wait long for them to reach the surface. In the entertaining first period we could see Classic take the lead and dominate the playing field. With swift passing combinations and clever runs the Finnish players were able to pressure the Storvreta defense throughout the period. Joonas Pylsy was first to score on the Finnish side when he was set up beautifully by Finnish national team defender Juha Kivilehto. Around the 13th minute mark, Storvreta’s answer came in the shape of a unstoppable dragshot by Rasmus Sundstedt.

What followed was a tumultuous end of the period with several team penalties being handed out to both teams – more or less as a consequence of the small brawls on both sides that had occurred earlier. Storvreta received a chance to get ahead when Juha Kivilehto was given a 2-minute penalty but it was instead Classic’s Jussi Piha to score the 2-1 for Classic – found by Joonas Pysly – after being left remarkably free in the Storvreta slot. Just a minute later, in 4 vs 4 play, Joonas Pylsy took his 3rd point of the period when he put the ball behind Viktor Klintsen.

Classic controlling the game

The Swedish reigning champion knew it needed to improve its game drastically in order to get anything done this game, but within a minute after the break, Classic had found the net again through Sami Johansson. Joonas Pylsy and Eemeli Salin even set the score at 1-6, but at the end of the period, Storvreta utilized a 5-vs-4 situation (2-min for Johansson) to score 2-6. It was Valdemar Alroth and again, the assist was from Nilsberth.

Empty net

The final period started off exactly the way Storvreta wanted it: they scored a quick goal. Half of both teams were changing lines, but Tobias Gustafsson quickly played a free hit, giving Albin Sjögren the opportunity to score his first goal: 3-6. Two minutes later, Jesper Berggren caused a penalty shot and Krister Savonen knew what to do: 3-7. Frustration built up among the Storvreta players, but referees Rickard Wissman and Thomas Andersson kept cool. When Rasmus Sundstedt received a 2-min penalty (protesting), Sami Johansson could score his second goal (3-8). With seven minutes left, Storvreta took out goalkeeper Viktor Klintsten as a last try, but Classic scored two empty net goals and put the final score at 3-10.

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