Finnish Salibandyliiga

Classic wins another championship title after beating Happee in the Finnish final

Image: Anssi Koskinen

After having dominated all season, Classic rewarded itself by becoming the Finnish champions 2017/2018 after beating Happee in the final: 6-2.

Paul Kotilainen scored with a shot from the center and one minute later, Joel Lahti doubled the lead (with a bit of luck). Classic didn’t get any big chances and ended the first period without any goals: 2-0. During the first twenty minutes, Peter Kotilainen left the pitch with what seemed to be a bad injury.

His absence was bad news for Happee, as, during the second period, Classic grew stronger and stronger. Eemeli Salin brought his team back in the race when he scored two quick goals, using his fantastic shooting technique. At 35.35, he assisted Lassi Vänttinen, who put Classic in the lead for the first team during this game. Within a minute, Sami Johansson even increased the lead to 4-2 and Happee was glad it could make it to the second break without any further goals against.

The tension rose during the last period, but it took a while before the crowd could see any more goals. With less than four minutes left to play, Happee took out its goalkeeper – but Classic’s Jussi Piha scored 5-2. This was increased to 6-2 just a couple of seconds before the end.

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