Champions Cup

Classic blasts their way through semi’s – defeats Dietlikon 5-1

Photo: IFF

After being the dominant team in yesterday’s 4-0 victory over Sveiva, Swiss champions UHC Dietlikon got to taste their own medicine against SC Classic. In a dominant performance, the Finns didn’t concede a single goal until the 46th minute, and eventually won the game 5-1.

The super star duo of Nina Rantala and Eliisa Alanko, rated as 2nd and 8th best in the world, did it all for their Classic in the first couple of goals. Both in 1-0 and 2-0 it was Rantala who scored, and Alanko who stood for the assist. When 3-0 came it was Alanka who was written up in the protocol as the goal scorer, however this time Eliisa’s younger sister Ella, who made no mistake in powerplay.

Dietlikon’s struggle to score even once continued. Chances were created, but not nearly enough; only 2 shots on target in the game’s first 20 minutes, and only 5 more the following period. A new, but not unfamiliar name was added to the protocol when Sanna Nieminen put in 4-0 toward the end of the 2nd period.

Eventually a goal was scored in the favor of the Swiss. It was through their captain and former SSL player Michelle Wiki that Dietlikon reduced the gap tp 4-1. From the lower right corner, she broke in and put ball ball up past Anna-Maria Linnoinen in the Classic net. The momentum and a hope for comeback didn’t last too long however, as Linda Pedrazzoli was sent off 2 minutes. Classic, who scored on both their 1st and 2nd powerplay attempt continued showing their class in special teams and put in 5-1. Once again the Rantala-Alanko duo was behind the goal. As it’s usually done, a timeout and 6v5 (and even 40 seconds of 6v4) was done by Dietlikon in the game’s last minutes – however without result, meaning Classic advances to the final where Swedish IKSU awaits them.


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