Champions Cup

Champions Cup: All you need to know about the teams and schedule

Picture by Per Wiklund

From September 30th to October 2nd the Champions Cup will take place. During this one weekend tournament the champions of the best competitions battle eachother, trying to become champion of the champions.


The men’s division consists of six teams: Greåker IBK (Norway), Grasshopper Club Zürich (Switzerland), Florbal Chodov (Czech Republic) and Classic (Finland) are the first four. The last two both come from Sweden: reigning champion Storvreta IBK and Pixbo Wallenstam, winner of last year’s regular season. As the tournament is being organized in Borås (Sweden), the Swedes may send in two teams per division.

Because of that reason, also the women have two Swedish opponents in their league: Pixbo Wallenstam (reigning champion) and IKSU (winner of the regular season). Other teams are Nauka MP (Russia), Piranha Chur (Switzerland), SC Vitkovice (Czech Republic) and Classic (Finland).


All games can be watched at the IFF YouTube channels. Follow the links below:

Friday 30th
10.00 QF2-W: Vitkovice – Nauka (women)
13.00 QF2-M: Chodov – Greåker (men)
16.10 QF1-W: Piranha Chur – IKSU (women)
19.10 QF1-M GC Zürich – Pixbo (men)

Saturday 1st
9.30 Classic – winner QF1-W (women)
12.30 Pixbo – winner QF2-W (women)
15.30 Storvreta – winner QF2-M (men)
18.30 Classic – winner QF1-M (men)
21.00 5th place (men)

Sunday 2nd
8.15 5th place (women)
11.00 Women’s final
13.45 Men’s final

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