Champions Cup

Champions Cup: All participating teams

Photo: Per Wiklund

Next week, the Champions Cup 2019 will take place in Gävle (Sweden).

Below, you can find the eight participating teams, four per division, two from each of the top-4 countries. In 2017, the tournament was organised for the last time, in Seinäjoki (Finland). IBF Falun (men) and IKSU have been the latest Champions Cup winners.

In the history of the tournament (seven editions so far), the tournament has only once been won by a non-Swedish country; SSV Helsinki (Finland) won the men’s edition in 2011. These statistics put Storvreta and IKSU in the role of favorites, although especially Classic is doing a great job in the men’s Salibandyliiga in Finland right now.

Men’s teams
Classic (Finland)
Florbal MB (Czech Republic)
Koniz (Switzerland)
Storvreta (Sweden)

Women’s teams
IKSU (Sweden)
Piranha Chur (Switzerland)
SB-Pro (Finland)
Vitkovice (Czech Republic)

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