Champions Cup: A closer look at the women’s teams

In just one and a half weeks, from September 30th to October 2nd, the Champions Cup will be played. FloorballToday provides you with all necessary information. This time we are taking a closer look at the women’s teams. As we wrote before, the tournament consists of six women’s teams: Pixbo Wallenstam, IKSU (both Sweden), Nauka MP (Russia), Piranha Chur (Switzerland), SC Vitkovice (Czech Republic) and Classic (Finland). Their schedule can be found at the bottom of the article, but first: the team presentations.


Pixbo Wallenstam
Pixbo, the Swedish champion after beating KAIS Mora – who won the Champions Cup last year, will come to Borås with only one goal: to get the golden medal. The team had a good beginning of the season winning its first match. Pixbo’s team has a combination of experienced and talented players. Will it be enough?

The champion of the Salibandyliiga is always one to take into account. This year this will be Classic. Remember last year’s WFC players Rantala and the Alanko sisters? They’re playing in Classic and combined with experienced players like Mina Kallio (almost 34 years old) this team should at least reach the finals.

Last year in the Swedish competition IKSU ended at second place, just behind Pixbo. However, in the play offs the semifinals was where it ended for the team, as KAIS Mora eliminated IKSU. Now they’re back, strengthened by Swiss national team veteran Corin Rüttiman. Together with Pixbo and Classic, they are strong candidates for the gold medal, but will have not have an easy time against these two powerhouses.

Nauka MP
The winner of the EuroFloorball Cup 2015: Nauka MP. By winning this second highest club tournament, Nauka automatically received an invitation for the Champions Cup. Of course the games will be a lot tougher for the Russians now compared to last year, but they have been able to prepare themselves for a year. Aim is to reach the semi-final.

Piranha Chur
Switzerland has been working hard the last years to minimize the gap between them and the biggest floorball countries Sweden and Finland. Next step in this process is being able to compete against clubs like Classic, Pixbo and IKSU. Piranha Chur wants to show it’s able to do so, by fighting hard and playing fast. Don’t say they don’t have any experience, as players like Eskelinen (multiple international games like WFC’s, Finland-Sweden Challenges and Champions Cups) and Gredig (fourth Champions Cup) prove the opposite. We wonder how far this team can get.

SC Vitkovice
This last team is a bit of a surprise. Vitkovice had a great preseason, training hard en playing well at the Czech Open. A group of young and talented players combined with experienced national team players should do the trick. Facing Nauka in the quarter final reaching the semi’s should be possible.


All games can be watched at the IFF YouTube channels. Below you find the links to the women’s games:

Friday 30th
10.00 QF2-W: Vitkovice – Nauka
16.10 QF1-W: Piranha Chur – IKSU

Saturday 1st
9.30 Classic – winner QF1-W
12.30 Pixbo – winner QF2-W

Sunday 2nd
8.15 5th place
11.00 Women’s final

(Source: IFF)
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