Champions Cup: A close-up of the men’s teams

FloorballToday will provide you with all necessary information about the Champions Cup (September 30-October 2). This time: a closer look at the men’s teams.

Both the women’s and the men’s categories consist of six teams each, as we explained before. This year’s men’s participants are Greåker IBK (Norway), Grasshopper Club Zürich (Switzerland), Florbal Chodov (Czech Republic), Classic (Finland), Storvreta and Pixbo Wallenstam (both Sweden). The reason Sweden can send in two participants is because the tournament is being organized in Borås (Sweden).


Storvreta IBK
Reigning Swedish champions Storvreta from Uppsala are one of the clear favorites to claim the gold medal. The 4-time gold winners have a very strong line-up with players like Alexander Rudd, Robin Nilsberth and Henrik Stenberg. It’s been four years since their last win at the Champions Cup, so the team will be eager to show their strength.

Pixbo Wallenstam
Being the winner of the regular season of the SSL, Pixbo should do well during the Champions Cup. Their selection is balanced and really strong, with names like Östholm, Malmström and Calebsson. Their aim is to win the tournament.

Both the ladies’ and the men’s teams of Classic will join the Champions Cup. Their home base is Tampere (Finland), so the journey won’t be too long. As Classic became champions in Finland last year, they are now in the position of starting to think of the victory in the Champions Cup. Although the opponents from Sweden, Switzerland and (to a lesser extent) Czech Republic and Norway are strong, Classic should be able to at least reach the final. Also, don’t forget that they defeated Storvreta in the most recent edition of the Uppsala Floorball Challenge.

Grasshopper Club Zürich
What to do without Kim Nilsson? The MVP of last season in the Swiss NLA went back to Sweden, leaving the Grasshoppers behind. Still they have quite some quality left including the freshly transferred passing genius Emil Julkunen. Their goal is to play fast and offensively, perhaps surprising their opponents by that. First team they’re facing: Pixbo.

Florbal Chodov
This year will be the first time Florball Chodov is presented at the Champions Cup. The team has Prague as its home and consists of many Czech national team players. As Chodov plays at the tournament for the first time, their aim is to get much experience and reach the semifinals.

Greåker IBK
This club from Sarpsborg (Norway) won the EuroFloorball Cup 2015, thus qualifying itself for this year’s Champions Cup. We can’t expect much from them, although Greåker’s goal is to reach the semi’s. Too ambitious? Well, maybe they can surprise opponent Chodov, as it’s their first time at the Champions Cup as well. Time will tell…


All games can be watched at the IFF YouTube channels. The men’s games can be found following the links below:

Friday 30th
13.00 QF2-M Chodov – Greåker
19.10 QF1-M GC Zürich – Pixbo

Saturday 1st
15.30 Storvreta – winner QF2-M
18.30 Classic – winner QF1-M
21.00 5th place

Sunday 2nd
13.45 Men’s final

(Source: IFF)
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