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Center of the year: Matej Jendrisak

Linköping’s Czech Matej Jendrisak has been selected as center of the year in the Swedish Super League. The 28 year old international became the rookie of the year 2014/15, and has now grown to become the league’s best center.

After playing in the final the last 2 seasons, Jendrisak and his Linköping went out in the quarterfinals against Mullsjö this year. Although Jendrisak himself has kept a good level, and finished at 1st place in the internal scoring league at 47 points (25+22). Besides his point scoring abilities, he’s a physical player with a lot of energy which boosts is team mates, and makes him a really valuable player.

Jendrisak summarizes his season:

”As you know everything is about playoffs and winning gold. And we didn’t win, which mean I can’t be satisfied. Us and me had some good moments, but we lost the quarterfinal and that ruined the whole impression of the season”

Previous winners:
2015/16: Linus Nordgren, FC Helsingborg
2014/15: Jonas Adriansson, IBF Falun
2013/14: Ketil Kronberg, IBK Dalen
2012/13: Johan Samuelsson, Granlo BK
2011/12: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2010/11: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2009/10: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2008/09: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2007/08: Mika Kohonen, Storvreta IBK
2006/07: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2005/06: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2004/05: Daniel Calebsson, Jönköpings IK
2003/04: Mika Kohonen, Balrog IK
2002/03: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
2001/02: Johannes Gustafsson, Haninge IBK
2000/01: Mika Kohonen, Balrog IK
1999/00: Anders Hellgård, Pixbo Wallenstam IBK
1998/99: Johannes Gustafsson, Haninge IBK
1997/98: Johannes Gustafsson, Haninge IBK

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