Champions Cup

CC Intro: Vitkovice (CZE – women)

Photo: Cesky Florbal

On Thursday 3 January, the (revamped) Champions Cup will take place with the two semifinals while the finals will be played on Friday the 4th.


Vitkovice is a floorball household name in Czech Republic with both their men as female teams competing for the national title in the past years. The female team of Vitkovice secured the gold medal for the second time in a row after beating rivals Chodov with 3-2 in overtime – as well as winning the Czech Cup. After a highly successful year, the team will now try to take the Champions Cup trophy but the competition is fierce and the team lost a couple of great players as well (Michaela Sponiarova and Denisa Ferencikova went to Classic). Can they do it?

Players to watch

Marketa Kolarova 
Only 18 years old, Marketa Kolarova is a defender who made name for herself during the finals of last season combining excellent defending skills with hard work.

Marketa Kolarova (Photo: Cesky Florbal)

Lucie Theimerova
She may be one of Vitkovice’s best players. Keep an eye on #44, Lucie Theimerova.

Lucie Theimerova (Photo: Cesky Florbal)

Barbora Huskova
The new generation forwards is perhaps best represented by Barbora Huskova, who despite her young age, has already 2 years of experience playing for the Czech national team in different categories. She is a threat to her opponents and a player to look out for during the Champions Cup.

Barbora Huskova on the left (Photo: Cesky Florbal)

Read the full schedule of the Champions Cup here and a list of all the teams can be found here.

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