Champions Cup

CC Intro: Storvreta IBK (SWE – men)

Photo: Per Wiklund

On Thursday 3 January, the (revamped) Champions Cup will take place with the two semifinals while the finals will be played on Friday the 4th.


Storvreta IBK is one of Sweden’s most successful clubs. Led by Finnish star Mika Kohonen, the team was able to secure 3 consecutive Sweden gold medals between 2010-2012. In 2015, the team took another gold medal while the 5th was added after the 2017-2018 season. Their latest gold medal was taken after a thrilling finals against rivals Falun of which you can find the highlights here.

Players to watch

Alexander Rudd
One of world’s most iconic centers/forwards, known for his creativity, passing abilities and dribbling skills.

Alexander Rudd (Photo: Adam Troy)

Robin Nilsberth
Just like Alexander Rudd, Robin Nilsberth is part of the Swedish national team. The bulky, hard-working defender has an incredible shot which we hopefully see in action during the Champions Cup.

Robin Nilsberth (Photo: IFF)

Henrik Stenberg
Another forward with Swedish national team experience. Made the winning goal in the finals for Sweden at the WFC2014 but wasn’t selected for the national team in 2018. Despite all this, he brings a routine to the field which is exceeded only by few.

Henrik Stenberg (Photo: Per Wiklund)

Read the full schedule of the Champions Cup here and a list of all the teams can be found here.

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