7 December 2019
Champions Cup

CC Intro: Piranha Chur (SUI – women)

On Thursday 3 January, the (revamped) Champions Cup will take place with the two semifinals while the finals will be played on Friday the 4th.


Piranha Chur is one of Switzerland’s most famous clubs. Founded in 1998 after fusion between BTV Chur and Civitas Chur, the club has dominated Swiss women floorball in the last decade. With the goal of combining strength, the fusion proved successful: in 2016 the team earned their 5th Swiss championship. What followed was a year without any prizes, and also a year without playing in the Champions Cup. 2018 was their year, however, as the team took the Swiss Triple. Not only did they win the Cup and the Swiss finals, the team also won the Supercup (which is normally played between the winner of the cup and the national champions). It’s clear that 2018 is impossible to top so the question is: how will they start 2019?

Players to watch

Corin Rütimann
One of the core players in the Swiss national team as well as in Piranha Chur. A very routined and skilled player

Corin Rütimann playing for Switzerland (Picture: IFF)

Flurina Marti
Like Rütimann, one of the most routined players in the team, having made the first appearance in the Swiss team already in 2008.

Flurina Marti (Picture: Fabrice Duc)

Sanni Nieminen
Finnish defender who brings calmness and order to the field thanks to her experience. Came from Classic after the 2017/2018 season.

Sanni Nieminen in Chur’s jersey (Photo: Piranha Chur)

Read the full schedule of the Champions Cup here and a list of all the teams can be found here.

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