Champions Cup

CC Intro: Classic (FIN – men)

Photo: Salibandy Flickr

On Thursday 3 January, the (revamped) Champions Cup will take place with the two semifinals while the finals will be played on Friday the 4th.


For three years in a row, Classic has been Finland’s best club and it doesn’t look like the dominance will end soon. The team is packed with top class players as Eemeli Salin, Krister Savonen and Jussi Piha, and recent additions Juha Kivilehto and Nico Salo made the team even stronger. Not surprisingly, Classic is leading the Finnish charts also this year with not a single match lost in regular time.

Players to watch

Joonas Pylsy
Had the tournament of his life in WFC2018 and performed on world-class level throughout the tournament. Took the center position of the WFC All-Star team.

Joonas Pylsy in the Finnish national team (Photo: SwissUnihockey)

Krister Savonen
Awarded the #2 position in the most recent Top 10 Floorball Players in the World. Savonen combines agility with unparalled stick handling.

Krister Savonen (Photo: IFF)

Juha Kivilehto 
Transferred from the Swedish SSL club FC Helsingborg to Classic at the start of this year and played a tremendous 2018. With Classic, he won the Finnish championship while in December he stunned the world by scoring twice for his country, as a defender, in the finals against Sweden.

Read the full schedule of the Champions Cup here and a list of all the teams can be found here.

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