WFC 2018

Canada’s miracle performance vs Japan secures WFC playoffs ticket

Photo: IFF

Canada needed to score 9 goals (and win the game) to knock Singapore from 2nd place in group D and secure a playoffs ticket. At the end of the first period, the team had already scored 8 times…

After Slovakia’s 18-2 victory over Singapore, it was clear Canada needed a win against Japan – and no fewer than 9 scored goals (goals scored is more important than goal difference in the group stage of this WFC). After 5 minutes played the score was already 4-1 for the Canadians which gave them 55 minutes to score 5 more goals. However, by the end of the first period, the team needed just one more goal as the scoreboard read 8-1!

7 minutes into the second period, the team was relieved to put the 9th goal in the Japanese net and practically securing the tickets for the playoffs. For obvious reasons, the game cooled down a bit. However, this didn’t stop Canda from scoring. Two more goals were scored in the second period, followed by three in the last one. Japan scored the closing game with ten seconds left to play, putting the final score at 2-14.

Latvia or Germany will be Canada’s next opponent, in the playoffs for reaching the quarterfinals. Japan plays against Poland, in the hunt for 13-16th spot.

Goals in time order:

0 – 101.089. Cameron Buck55. Tristan WalshCAN M
1 – 101.168. Ichiro Ueda10. Kaimu AbeJPN M
1 – 201.5410. Justin Laquerre40. Joel InouyeCAN M
1 – 302.1591. Valtteri Viitakoskino assistantCAN M
1 – 403.1990. Tyler Brush40. Joel InouyeCAN M
1 – 506.4919. Adrien Matthewsno assistantCAN M
1 – 610.5388. Brandon Barber91. Valtteri ViitakoskiCAN M
1 – 716.4491. Valtteri Viitakoskino assistantCAN M
1 – 819.5355. Tristan Walshno assistantCAN M
1 – 927.279. Cameron Buck19. Adrien MatthewsCAN M
1 – 1031.0013. Mytchell Brush40. Joel InouyeCAN M
1 – 1136.1781. Bill Petrie16. Matthew SmithCAN M
1 – 1250.1527. Marc Landriaultno assistantCAN M
1 – 1350.3881. Bill Petrie76. Eric Ulli-VanasseCAN M
1 – 1456.2210. Justin Laquerre28. Matthew KostuchCAN M
2 – 1459.5010. Kaimu Abe8. Ichiro UedaJPN M


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