WFCQ 2018

Canada qualifies for WFC 2018!

Photo: IFF

Canada have qualified for the World Floorball Championships 2018 after defeating USA twice this weekend. In today’s game they won 4-5.

In this weekend’s North American qualifiers USA and Canada played each other for the final spot at the WFC. Both games ended up being a close fight with the Canadians barely coming out on top with only a 1 goal difference.

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0 – 1 pp.11.3581. Bill Petrie40. Joel InouyeCAN M
0 – 218.2618. Felix Robillardno assistantCAN M
1 – 218.565. Fabian Lanzlinger18. William ErikssonUSA M
1 – 326.456. Brandon Barber91. Valtteri ViitakoskiCAN M
1 – 4 pp.28.0581. Bill Petrie40. Joel InouyeCAN M
2 – 431.4518. William Eriksson28. Maurin RueggUSA M
2 – 4 mps.38.2518. William Erikssonno assistantUSA M
3 – 4 wg.57.2422. Raphael Mori44. Robin BrownUSA M
4 – 4 wg.57.4411. Mattias Hansen44. Robin BrownUSA M
4 – 5 en.59.4218. Felix Robillard91. Valtteri ViitakoskiCAN M
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