WFCQ 2017

Canada or the USA – Who’ll make it to the WFC? (WFCQ preview)

Image: Joe Belanger/

Two teams, but only one WFC ticket – that’s what the WFCQ challenge between USA and Canada is all about!

‘Group Americas’ only has two countries that signed up for the WFCQ, so it’s these two that will battle at the beginning of February. The tournament will be held in Canada, a big advantage for the home team. Two years ago USA was the strongest team after two victories (5-3, 2-6), but in 2013 Canada won the battle after two victories (1-2, 7-4).

Match Schedule
03.02. 19:00 Canada – USA
04.02. 19:00 USA – Canada

(Source: IFF)
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