21 September 2019
WFC 2016

Canada: “Once we manage to settle down our emotions and aggressiveness, we’re …” (Team Introduction)

Less than a month until the WFC 2016 starts. FloorballToday will show you all you need to know about the participating teams – with this time’s subject: Canada!

What has been your path towards the WFC?
“Floorball Canada is still in its humble beginnings as an organization.” Since winning the WFCQ 2016 in Colorado (USA) they have held several training camps for their men’s team, with players travelling from all over the country and as far as Europe to participate. Similarly to past years, Canada has assembled a coaching staff consisting mostly of Europeans in order to bring some experienced talent to their own country. All costs associated to Canada’s trip to Latvia are covered by the players, either by paying from their own pockets or through individual fundraising.

What is your team’s goal for this edition?
This year we hope to make an impression and prove as best as we can that Canada has a place on the world stage. Our ultimate goal is to rank high enough for an invitation to the World Games 2017.

Which three players should spectators keep an eye out and why?
#6 Lauri Hannelius – Top scoring player on Team Canada.
#8 Brandon ‘Pavel’ Barber – Travels across all of Canada, giving workshops to kids that help improve their technical skills at hockey as well as at floorball.
#16 Matthew Smith – A long-serving member of Team Canada, who will also be coaching Canada’s U-19 Men’s Team in Sweden.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your team?
With hockey being such a big influence on the Canadian floorball players, one thing they need to work on is to clean up their game: “Once our players manage to settle down their emotions and their aggressiveness, we are a team very capable of moving the ball well and getting some great shots on net.

What group game are you looking forward to most?
Canada always looks forward to playing against Team USA, “because of our long-standing friendly rivalry in all sports!”

What are your thoughts about floorball entering the World Games?
It’s a very big opportunity for floorball around the world, but “it is great news for Canada especially, as it gives us an opportunity to make an extra appearance on the world stage and to keep building our reputation as a noteworthy floorball organization.”


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