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Canada beats the USA in Round 1 of the WFC qualifiers: 3-2

Today, the WFC qualification games between Canada and the USA started off. As written previously, there’s only one ticket for the World Floorball Championships left. Both teams knew this and the game needed some time to ignite. Although the ball went back and forth, the game didn’t see many shots yet and it was only until the end of the first period when the score was opened. Fabian Lanzlinger found William Eriksson, who put the USA in a 0-1 lead.

The audience didn’t see many goals during p1, but it became even worse in the second period. Would this become another game like at the WFC 2016, when the USA beat Canada 1-0? Well, the second period looked like it, as the score didn’t change. How different was the last period: in only two minutes three goals were scored! Canada equalized twice, first through Felix Robillard (1-1) and exactly one minute after through Bill Petrie (2-2). In between, Maurin Ruegg scored the American second goal (1-2).

At 46.45, the Finnish-Canadian forward Valtteri Viitakoski found the net and put his team in the lead, for the first time this game. The USA gave all they had, but for today it wasn’t enough. However, tomorrow the second (of two) games will be played, so the USA still has a big chance of reaching the WFC. However, the first battle is won by Canada.

0 – 118.2018. William Eriksson5. Fabian LanzlingerUSA M
1 – 140.3718. Felix Robillard9. Cameron BuckCAN M
1 – 241.1128. Maurin Ruegg18. William ErikssonUSA M
2 – 241.3781. Bill Petrie40. Joel InouyeCAN M
3 – 246.4591. Valtteri Viitakoski51. Francis LavergneCAN M
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