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Can reigning champion Storvreta hold on to the crown? | Playoff preview | SSL 18/19

credits: Per Wiklund

Storvreta is the reigning SSL champion, but will the crown switch homes this season?

The reigning champion of the SSL have had an incredibly strong season in which they dominantly finished on first place in the charts of the regular season. At the start, they lost two consecutive games to Dalen and Pixbo in what could look like a champions’ hangover. But after that, they only lost two more games in the league (to Falun after 6-5 and 6-4 results), as Falun looked for revenge after last year’s lost finale. Storvreta lost one more match in the Champions Cup final against Classic, which was seen as debacle due to the 3-10 result.

Sitting on top of the table could make the team self-satisfied, but the two losses from Falun’s sticks should be a warning finger. However, we can count on the fact that Storvreta will want to win the title once again.

Photo: Per Wiklund

Storvreta has reliant leaders, like Henrik Stenberg, who is their second top point-maker and brings an incredible amount of experience into the squad. Also, we cannot omit defensive sniper Robin Nilsberth, who has incredible point output for a defender. Alexander Rudd – who isn’t as admired like he was in the past – still made a decent amount of points and his incredibly skilled hands never left him, while his specific movement around court still can cause problems to any defense in the world. But the team would not be complete without talismanic defender Mattias Samuelsson, and Albin Sjögren who confirms his reputation as of one of the best prolific point makers in the world. In productivity, he has beaten known names like Galante Carlström, Enström and Kronberg.

Storvreta has the chance of reaching for the title again, but their mindset in the playoff series will show us the reality. On Thursday, they will play their first quarterfinals match against Sirius in the Uppsala superderby.

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